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The Story Behind

Every adventure, every challenge has its own unique is mine

As you’ve probably guessed, yes - I planned my own wedding! I had friends and family as helpers (whom I thank a million times over for their help), but I was pretty much the “wedding planner”. Little did I know that it was going to grow into a second job (on top of my full time job at the time)!

Colour theme, party favours, venue and decorations. You name it - I researched, reviewed, vetted and make the final pick. Not wanting burden any of my friends with the responsibility of making my wedding a reality, every last detail of my dream wedding resided in my head.

When it came to the day of, a lot of my friends asked me questions as they wanted to make sure everything was how I’d wanted it. Rather than my friends and family relaxing and celebrating the day with me, many of them spent most of the day taking care of my wedding to ensure it all ran smoothly.
While I had received numerous compliments on my wedding on how beautiful it was and how amazing the decorations were, I wasn’t really able to relax that day to take it all in. I felt bad for my friends as they weren’t able to enjoy my wedding. With the firm belief that each couple should be able to relax and enjoy their special day, I quit the full time job I had and decide to start Live the Dream Weddings & Design Company. My mission is to ensure your special day is exactly as you want it so that you can relax and enjoy it to the fullest.

And that’s how Live the Dream Weddings & Design Company came to be!

                                                                 Carrie So, WPICC, DWC
                                                Principle Wedding Planner
                                                                 Live the Dream Weddings & Design Co.